What is this blog about?

Hi there, I’m a twenty-something New Zealand woman who has recently been diagnosed with autism (type 1/what used to be called aspergers) after struggling for many years with my mental health. While learning about and coming to terms with my autism I’ve really enjoyed reading and watching various bloggers and youtubers who are also on the spectrum. I’ve decided to start my own blog (and perhaps later look at making some videos as well) to add to the content out there – especially since most of the sources I found were from the UK or US, and things tend to work a little differently here in Aotearoa. I’m primarily writing with an autistic audience in mind, but if anything interests or is relevant to non-autistic people, that’s great as well!

I was postgrad studying social science at uni until recently and that was initially going to be a focus for my writing here. But then life happened, and I had to drop out, at least for now, for mental health reasons. On the one hand I hate this. On the other, finally knowing what has been the cause of some of my problems is giving me renewed hope I can sort my life out now that I have a better understanding of why I struggle with certain things. 

I have some ideas for things I plan to write but I’ll probably also let things branch out naturally/write whatever the hell I feel like at the time. To get an idea of what I might end up writing about here are a few things about me and areas I might be looking into:

  • My attempts to crawl out of the depression hole and become healthier, more organised and functional, with a focus on trying to find things that work for my ASD/ADHD brain
  • Discussions, observations and my limited wisdom about living in New Zealand as an autistic person
  • I’m currently finishing off postgrad in social science so both social science and the delights of stumbling my way through uni with (undiagnosed until very recently) autism are likely to come up
  • I currently work in a call centre for a corporation and have had some other customer service jobs before, so expect some musings on how these sorts of jobs interact with an autistic brain from my perspective
  • I’m trying to get better at adulting and taking care of myself/organise my environment and all that sort of generic millennial bullshit so if I find anything that seems helpful to my autistic ass I’ll probably write about that as well
  • Relatedly, I’ll probably do some product/service reviews from an autistic perspective and report back as I try out some of the products the internet tells me are good for autism. As of writing this, this is just a silly newb blog so I’m definitely paying for anything I will be reviewing and have 0 sponsors or anything like that, but I’m a big fan of transparency so if that ever changes I’ll make it clear.
  • I’ve also been diagnosed with ADHD, and had struggles with anxiety and depression so these are all likely to come up at some point
  • I will probably rant about things at some point, not gonna lie
  • I will probably also write about vaguely related things I am interested in, as the mood takes me
  • …..dogs?

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